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We Empower Musicians with AI Technology.

Klangio GmbH is a music software company based in Karlsruhe, that focuses on developing AI based tools for music transcriptions. Our vision is, to empower musicians around the world with AI Technology.

Our Team

Behind the scenes you will find a strong and passionate team, consisting of experts in the field of music theory, audio processing, software development and AI research. We make our vision of empowering musicians reality.

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Get To Know the Founders

Klangio was founded by Sebastian Murgul and Alexander Lüngen in 2021. Their expertise in music, computer science and electrical engineering laid down the foundation of what Klangio is today.

Sebastian Murgul


Sebastian came up with the idea for Klangio in 2016. Initially, the product was pulled up in the small student room. Now, it is not only the subject of his doctoral thesis, but also a brand of which he is particularly proud.

Alexander Lüngen


Alex got to know Sebastian during his studies. It didn’t take long until he was just as enthusiastic as Sebastian about the vision of Klangio and decided to join forces.

Q: What do you find most exciting about Klangio?

Sebastian: I am excited to support people with AI in such a way that, even those who did not experience ear training, have the opportunity to get notes from music.

Alexander: I am most excited to have found an area of ​​application for Artificial Intelligence that makes it easy to experience the full potential of AI.

Q: What work do you enjoy most at Klangio?

Sebastian: I’m a huge nerd when it comes to researching AI that can be used in music! Likewise, I enjoy discovering new techniques and experimenting with different models to take transcriptions to the next level.

Alexander: In my day-to-day work, what I enjoy most is getting lost in the code. Finding the best solutions to new problems creatively here is what keeps me going!

Q: Who is your musical role model?

Sebastian: As someone that loves DIY modular synthesizers, Sam Battle (Look Mum No Computer) is one of my biggest inspirations.

Alexander: The guys from “Wildes Holz” really got me excited. With an incredible energy and a lot of fun, they only bring cool cover songs to the stage with wooden instruments and deliver an incredible live performance.

Q: If you were an instrument, what would it be?

Sebastian: A Yamaha DX7 from the 80s: Using FM synthesis, I would be able to imitate all instruments with style.

Alexander: I think the instrument that would suit me best is the triangle. I know, it might sound like a joke at first, but let me explain: The triangle stays unnoticed in the background, but when the time is right, it provides a decisive sound that is essential for the entire composition.

Q: What do you want to give the users along the way?

Sebastian: Make the Klangio Apps your own! Experiment with the settings and try out different download formats, you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve with a simple transcription.

Alexander: When used properly, AI can make our lives and our use of computers much more fun.

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