Transcribe all your Music in one go with Klangio AI.

Klangio Bulk Transcriptions turn your music into notes within seconds: If you have a bigger collection of pieces that you want to transcribe, then we’re happy to make you a personal offer.

All your songs - Transcribed in one go

Klangio’s Bulk Transcription Services is perfect for instrumentalists, musicians, producers, and creative professionals looking to transform their vast collection of audio recordings into high-quality sheet music, TABs, MIDI files, MusicXML or GuitarPro files. Our state-of-the-art AI does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on creativity. Transcribe large amounts of audio files with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Whether you’re a musician wanting to create an album from your music memos or a producer working with multiple artists, our bulk transcription service is tailored to meet your unique needs. Test our apps for free and see the quality yourself.

How it Works

1. Upload Your Files

First, upload your files on a drive so we can download them for the transcription. The following formats are supported:

… and many more.

2. Let Klangio AI do the Heavy Lifting

Our unique Klangio AI will then be adjusted to your requirements and transcribes all your files automatically.

3. Download your Transcriptions

Finally, you will receive a link to download the transcription of your pieces. For each piece you will receive a transcription in these formats:

pdf format
PDF of Sheet Music & Guitar TABs
musicxml format
midi format
Quantized and unquantized MIDI
guitar pro format

You can then sell, share or edit your transcriptions. The download formats provided are compatible with any Digital Audio Workstation and Composing Software like MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius and Guitar Pro.

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