Turn Your Music into Sheet Music and Boost Your Income

Artists and bands can easily create and sell their own sheet music using Klangio’s transcription apps, connecting with fans in a new way.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Klangio's Transcription Apps

As an artist or a band, you’re always looking for ways to expand your reach and income. Klangio’s transcription apps empower you to create, share, and sell your own sheet music with ease. Our AI-powered technology takes the hassle out of transcribing your songs, providing you with accurate sheet music that your fans can enjoy. Capitalize on your musical talents, and offer sheet music as a new product to your audience. With Klangio’s transcription apps, you’ll be able to grow your fanbase and generate additional revenue effortlessly.

Benefits and Features

Introducing Klangio’s transcription apps, designed to help artists and bands leverage their creativity and grow their fanbase. With easy-to-use features and powerful AI, our apps allow you to create, customize, and sell sheet music for your original tracks. Discover how our tools can enhance your workflow, generate new revenue streams, and help you connect with your audience in a unique and meaningful way. Explore the benefits and features that await you with Klangio.

Quickly transcribe your songs into sheet music

Customize and edit transcriptions with ease

Sell your sheet music to your fans and followers

Collaborate with band members or fellow musicians

Access your sheet music anywhere, anytime

Support for multiple instruments and genres

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How it Works

Experience seamless transcription with Klangio, as our AI-driven technology effortlessly converts your audio recordings into accurate sheet music in just a few clicks.


You play the music piece of your choice or upload a video from YouTube


Our AI processeses the played notes and chords


And converts them super fast and easy into sheet music

Explore the Klangio AI App Universe

Explore our diverse range of innovative transcription products, each tailored to cater to specific musical needs and preferences. Klangio’s offerings are designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for you to find the perfect solution for your music goals. Get to know our products and see how they can revolutionize the way you create music.