Klangio Gift Cards: AI Technology for Musicians

Convinient Gifts are the Best Gifts – Make your musical friend’s life easier with a tool they will love. The Klangio Apps automatically turn music into notes within seconds.

Who Are Klangio Gift Cards For?

Our Vision is to Empower Musicians with AI Technology - No Matter ther Skill level or Musical Background:

Music Teachers

Make music lessons and education more interactive by creating sheet music and tabs from recordings within seconds.


Your musical friend loves to cover songs, but can’t find the notes for that one piece? Then let them try out the Klangio Apps to generate sheet music from any song.


Every producer loves to work with MIDI notes. Wouldn’t it be great, if they could turn any song into MIDI? The Klangio Apps make that possible!


Most composers love spending time improvising on their instrument, but writing down the notes for those ideas can be tedious work. Transcribing all their recordings with ease using Klangio lets them spend more time being creative with their instrument.


Automatic transcriptions take away a huge workload for transcribers: Turning recordings into notes which they can then edit with their preferred composition software will boost their productivity and lets them spend more time with details.

How does Klangio work?

Klangio automatically transcribes music in 3 simple steps:


Record, upload or paste in a YouTube link of music.


Klangio AI listens to your music and transcribes it automatically.​


View, edit and download your notes as Sheet Music, MIDI and MusicXML.​

What They'll Get with Klangio

Convenient and Simple

After the purchase, you can either send the gift card via Mail, a private chat or print it out as a letter. The Klangio Gift Card contains a code, which allows the recipient to add the amount of purchased transcriptions to one of the apps listed below. The code can be redeemed any time and the transcriptions do not expire. The perfect last-minute gift.

1. Personalize

Customize the card to your liking and add a message.

2. Gift

Send the Klangio Gift Card via mail, a chat or print it out.

3. Redeem

When redeeming, a app can be chosen and the fun begins.

Create a Gift Card

The recipient can redeem the gift card for one of the following apps. Click on the icon to learn more.


Turn Pianos into Notes.


Turn Acoustic, Electirc and Bass Guitars into Notes.


Turn Singing into Notes.

What Musicians Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Klangio Gift Cards are perfect for anyone wanting to send their musical friend something special and convenient at. The recipient can choose one of the Klangio Apps and receives tickets, allowing them to transcribe music automatically within seconds! Also works great as a last minute gift 😉

The gift card can be redeemed in Piano2Notes (piano), Guitar2Tabs (guitar), and Sing2Notes (vocals).

The recipient can redeem their gift code at www.klang.io/redeem. They can then choose Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs, or Sing2Notes and start transcribing their music right away.

The PDFs are designed in three sections: cover, message, and redeem code. Therefore, you can fold the paper three times and fit it into a standard envelope.

No, the code will not expire. The recipient can redeem the code whenever they like.