Import MP3 in MuseScore

How To Import MP3 in MuseScore?

Your situation: You have a MP3 file of a song and would like to import it into MuseScore and attain the sheet music. How can you do this?
Our Solution: Connect Klangio with MuseScore and let our automatic music transcription software transcribe the music of the audio file for you!

NEW: Directly integrate the Klangio AI in MuseScore with the new MuseScore-Plugin.

How it works:

  • .mp3 / .m4a / .flac / .wav / .mid file of your recording or a YouTube link
  • MuseScore (download at
Checkout our video tutorial or our written guide!
Step 1: Click on products at and choose your instrument, our Apps support piano, guitar, and singing
Screenshot of the Klangio Website with piano2notes, guitar2tabs and sing2notes
Step 2: Upload a mp3 file or enter a YouTube link of your recording, then click transcribe
Screeshot of piano2notes, transcribe youtube or mp3
Step 3: Fill in the title and author of the piece, and check the terms and conditions
Screenshot of transcription dialog for youtube or mp3
Step 4: (optional) Provide additional information about the piece, to improve the transcription quality
Screenshot of musical parameters dialog
Step 5: The transcription is now being transcribed with the Klangio AI
Screemshot of loading bar of Klangio AI
Step 6: Click on the download button on the top right and click download PDF, you need a subscription to download the MusicXML
Sheet music transcription of mp3 file from Antonio Carlos Jobim
Be aware: You can achieve much better results when using the export MusicXML feature


Step 7: Open MuseScore and click open (or import PDF if you don’t have the MusicXML, not recommended)
MuseScore interface
Step 8: Click play and enjoy your transcription!
mp3 succesfully imported in MuseScore
Tip: You can use this workflow for other notation software like Finale or Sibelius and achieve similar results!


The plugin is currently under development.

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