Turn Your Music into Sheet Music and Boost Your Income

Artists and bands can easily create their own sheet music using Klangio’s automatic transcription apps, to sell them and connecting with fans in a new way.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Klangio's Transcription Apps

As an artist or a band, you’re always looking for ways to expand your reach and income. Klangio’s transcription apps empower you to create, share, and sell your own sheet music with ease. Our AI-powered technology takes the hassle out of transcribing your songs, providing you with accurate sheet music that your fans can enjoy.

Share your musical talents, by offering sheet music of your original music to your audience. With Klangio’s transcription apps, you’ll be able to grow your fan base and generate additional revenue effortlessly.

How it Works

Create your transcriptions in 3 simple steps:


Record, upload or paste in a YouTube link of music.


Klangio AI listens to your music and transcribes it automatically.


View, edit and download your notes as Sheet Music, MIDI and MusicXML.

AI Technology meets Convenience


With state-of-the-art technology, your transcriptions have unparalleled accuracy.


Focus on being creative by transcribing music within seconds.


Your musical companion - Transcribe music on the go and sync your songs between different devices.


The Klangio apps cover a variety of instruments, catering all your musical endeavors.

Active Software Development

We are working hard to continuously improve the quality of our AI.

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Get Started Right Away - For Free!​

Try out all our apps for free and see the quality for yourself. Your first Klangio transcription is only a couple clicks away – Select one of the apps below to get started:


Turn Pianos into Notes.


Turn Acoustic, Electirc and Bass Guitars into Notes.


Turn Singing into Notes.

Melody Scanner

Transform any Song into Piano Arrangements.


Turn Drums into Notes.